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Audio Notebook – Record Audio While Typing Notes

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 9.29.04 AM Audio Notebook is a handy iPad app for people who want to combine audio recording with their typed notes. Audio Notebook is very easy to use. To create a new entry in Audio Notebook just open the app and tap the “+” symbol to create a new entry. To add audio to your notebook entry tap the record button. You can pause and restart your recordings as often as you like. To add text to your notebook entry just tap the screen to open your keyboard and write your notes. You can type notes while recording audio at the same time.

Audio Notebook includes color-coded labels that you can apply to your notes. Notes can be sorted by name or date by tapping the “i”  icon in your notebook’s home screen.

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Audio Notebook could be a great iPad app for students to use during lectures. Having the audio recording to fall back on could be helpful when text notes fail to include a key detail. Audio Notebook is also a good iPad app for journalism students to use to record their interviews.

Audio Notebook is currently free (as of February 10, 2014). The regular price is $2.99.

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