Who Has What? – An App for Keeping Track of Borrowed Materials

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 5.30.39 PM I can’t tell you how many books, CDs (remember when we used those to listen to music?), and DVDs I’ve lent out and never seen again. Who Has What? 2 is an iPad app that could help me keep track of those things from now on. Who Has What? 2 allows me to create an inventory of the things that I lend by taking pictures of them or scanning their barcodes (the barcode function didn’t work as well as I hoped when I tested it). Once an item is in my inventory when I lend it out I just select it on my iPad, enter the name and or email address of the person I’m lending it to, and set a due date for that item. From the iPad I can send due date reminders to the people that I’ve lent my items to.

Who Has What? 2 doesn’t appear to have an efficient way to upload a large inventory list so it’s not a replacement for a school library catalog system. That said, Who Has What? 2 could be a great app to use for keeping track of items that you lend from your classroom.

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Who Has What? 2 is currently priced at $0.99

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