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Kids Discover Washington, D.C. on iPads in 3D

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 2.21.01 PM KIDS DISCOVER currently offers seventeen iPad apps for students. The apps are multimedia books about a variety of topics in science and social studies. Kids Discover Washington, DC is the latest app from Kids Discover that I’ve tried.

The content of Kids Discover Washington, DC is better than what you’ll find in elementary school or middle school social studies textbooks. In the app students can read text, listen to audio, and manipulate 3-D objects. The app also includes videos, cartoons, and plenty of other imagery. Students can tap the images to learn more about the people and places pictured. After working through all of the chapters of the app students can test their knowledge with review quizzes and puzzles.

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Kids Discover Washington, DC is currently priced at $3.99 USD.

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