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Teaching With Primary Sources on iPads

The National Archives Experience’s Docs Teach interactive tools center and is my favorite teaching tool from the National Archives. The free Docs Teach iPad app allows your students to access and complete a wide range of primary source-based U.S. History lessons. When your students open the app they have an option to browse for a […]

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Chromatik – Have Fun Learning New Music

Chromatik is a free iPad app that makes it fun to learn and practice new music. Chromatik offers recordings of popular songs along with the sheet music to play them on more than a dozen instruments. The recordings and sheet music are yours to use for seven days. Chromatik includes an option to make a […]

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To The Brink – An iPad App About the Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban Missile Crisis is one of the landmark events discussed in nearly every course covering the Cold War. To The Brink is an excellent free iPad app through which students can learn about the causes of the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Kennedy administration’s handling of the crisis. The app uses archival images, videos, […]

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Veggie Bottoms – An Interactive Story About Fruits and Vegetables

Veggie Bottoms is a cute interactive story designed to teach students about fruits and vegetables. On each page of the story students learn about the characteristics and health benefits of a new vegetable or fruit. Students can manipulate the image of each fruit and vegetable in the app. For example, on the page about peas […]

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Amazing App Stories – A Collaborative Writing App for iPads

Amazing App Stories is a free iPad app that anyone can use to contribute to on-going fiction stories. The concept of Amazing App Stories is to provide a community space for collaborative fiction writing. When you open the app you can choose a story genre, read a short story that has already been started, and […]

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Hideout – Interactive Stories That Help Students Learn to Read

Hideout is a free iPad app developed by members of the education department at Brigham Young University. The app features six interactive stories based on the sounds and words created with the letter combinations “ap,” “en,” “it,” “op,” “ag,” and “et.” The narrator reads the letters to the student, explains the sound, then challenges the […]

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Shout Science – An iPad App About Scientific Discoveries

Shout Science is a free comic storybook iPad app about scientific discovery. The interactive storybook features the stories of scientific discoveries made by three scientists during the Scientific Revolution in Europe. Those stories feature the work of Maria Sibylla Merian, Anton van Leeuwenhoek, and James Hutton. Students can read through the stories in order or […]

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HeyMath! – Math Lessons and Practice Tests

HeyMath! from Singapore is a free iPad app that offers animated math lessons and practice assessments for students. The animations provide instruction for solving word problems. The word problems contain visual aids to help students understand the explanations that they hear and read on the app. At the end of each unit in HeyMath! students […]

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Kids Can Become Animators With Creative Kids for iPad

Creative Kids is a free iPad app from Faber-Castell. The app provides students with step-by-step directions for drawing on paper then see those drawings become animations on their iPads. Even kids who don’t fancy themselves as artists can create neat animations by using the tracing directions provided by Creative Kids. Creative Kids supports up to […]

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Puzzle Kidz – An iPad App for Creating Picture Puzzles

Puzzle Kidz is a nice iPad app for creating jigsaw puzzles for kids. The app allows you to take pictures with your iPad and turn them into puzzles. You can also use stock images from Puzzle Kidz. The app offers three levels of puzzle difficulty to that you can create a puzzle whose difficulty isn’t […]

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