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ABC Minsters – Quick Lessons on the Alphabet

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 6.24.45 PM ABC Minsters is an iPad app offering short lessons on recognizing letters of the alphabet, handwriting, and spelling. The app has four basic steps that students repeat to learn each letter of the alphabet.

When students open ABC Minsters they can choose any letter of the alphabet to get started. The chosen letter will appear on the screen in uppercase and lowercase with simple directions for how to write the letter. Students simply trace the letters with their fingers. After correctly tracing the letters students will see a screen filled with objects whose names begin with the letter they just traced. Students tap the objects to hear their names read aloud. One object will be selected for a spelling exercise in which students drag letters into place to try to spell the name of featured object. The final before moving onto a new letter is to put the letter of choice back into its proper place in the sequence of the alphabet.

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ABC Minsters could be a good little app for students in pre-K through grade 1. Readers outside of the U.S. should note that the app pronounces Z in the American style of “zee” rather than “zed.”

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ABC Minsters is currently priced at $0.99

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