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Give Students Video Feedback With the Updated eduClipper App

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 11.51.43 AM A new version of the eduClipper iPad app was released this week. My favorite feature of the latest version of the app is the option to give your students audio and video feedback. Written feedback is still an option too.

The new version of the eduClipper iPad app brings more of the features of the eduClipper website to your iPad. Your students can now use the iPad app to create presentation portfolios. Just as you can distribute assignments to students through the eduClipper website you can now do the same with the iPad app.

The eduClipper app allows students to create portfolios of things they’ve found online as well as with content they’ve created themselves. Students can import content from Google Drive and Dropbox.

I used to explain eduClipper as “Pinterest for teachers and students” but it really is more than just a bookmarking tool. It’s a service designed to give teachers a platform through which they can create portfolios of important materials and assignments while also giving students a platform for creating digital portfolios. Sign up on eduClipper then download the free iPad app to see everything that you can do with eduClipper.

Disclosure: I have a very small equity interest in eduClipper. 

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