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CyberChase Shape Quest – An Educational Augmented Reality Game

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 8.46.38 PM CyberChase Shape Quest is a fun and free iPad app from PBS Kids. The app contains three fun games for students from ages six through nine. All three of the games are designed to help students gain a better understanding of shapes, angles, and spatial relationships.

The highlight of the app is Patch the Path. In Patch the Path students use the camera on their iPads to navigate a printed game board (available here) while learning about shapes. The game features three dimensional objects that students manipulate on their iPads.

The other two games in CyberChase Shape Quest are Feed the Critters and Hide and Seek. In Feed the Critters students have to use their knowledge of angles to bounce treats to animals in the most direct manner possible. In Hide and Seek students have to pick out the shapes and angles that are hidden within a larger shape or drawing.

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