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Explore and Make Art With the MoMA Art Lab iPad App

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 8.48.09 PM The MoMA Art Lab is a free iPad app that elementary school and middle school students can use to learn about art and create art of their own. On the app students can learn about the processes artists use and how artists use shapes and colors to create art. After seeing how artists create art students can try their hands at creating drawings, paintings, collages, shape poems, and a half dozen other forms of art.

To access the examples of art and learn about them students should tap on the activities icon in the MoMA Art Lab app. Students who need assistance with reading the text on a page in the app can tap the sound icon to hear the text read aloud. After reading about or listening to the information about the sample art, students then try to create the same type of art themselves.

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