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Endless Reader – A Continuation of Endless Alphabet to Help Students Learn to Read

endless_readerEndless Reader is a fun iPad app from the same developers that brought us the popular Endless Alphabet iPad app. Endless Alphabet helps students learn the letters of the alphabet. Endless Reader picks up where Endless Alphabet leaves off and helps students learn to read and spell.

Endless Reader shows students words for each letter of the alphabet. The app reads the words to students. After hearing a word students have to drag and drop letters into place to spell the word they just heard. Before moving onto the next word in the series students see and hear the word in context where they then try to drag the word into the correct place in the sentence they’ve just seen.

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Endless Reader is free to install. The free installation comes with the first six letters of the alphabet unlocked. An in-app purchase ($2.99) is required in order to unlock the full alphabet.

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