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Learn the 50 States With Flat Stanley on Your iPad

flat_stanley Learn the States With Flat Stanley is an iPad app that uses the familiar Flat Stanley character to help students learn the geography of the United States. Students practice identifying the fifty states by virtually slingshotting Flat Stanley to the name of the state appearing on their screens. When Flat Stanley lands on the correct state students are asked to spell the name of the state before moving onto the next state. Students can choose to focus on just one region of the country or they can practice the entire map at once.
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Learn the States With Flat Stanley provides a nice practice activity for elementary school students. One complaint that I have about the app, and this is a complaint I have about many geography apps, is that the map in this app does not put Alaska and Hawaii in their proper places which can lead to some students thinking that Alaska and Hawaii are located off the west coast of Mexico.

Learn the States With Flat Stanley is currently priced at $0.99.

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  • Karen Mahon

    I liked this Flat Stanley app too, but I wish it had adapting levels of difficulty so that as kids do well it would get harder. Also, was frustrated by the fact that there’s no error remediation, so kids can make the same mistake an infinite number of times. Frustrating! Thanks for sharing this!