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Quick Key Turns Your iPhone Into a Scanner

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 3.39.09 PM Quick Key is a new and free iOS app that turns your iPhone into a bubble sheet scanner. My former colleague, Mike Morrell, was raving about it on Facebook a while back so I had to check it out.

Quick Key has two parts to it that when combined make it very easy for you to quickly grade multiple choice and true/false quizzes. Here’s the basics of how it works; create your quiz on the Quick Key website then print and distribute a bubble sheet. After your students have completed the bubble sheet you simply scan the sheets with your iPhone (it works on iPads too, but the resolution is grainy) and the grading is done for you. From the app you can send grades to the classes that you have created on the Quick Key website. If you enter students’ email addresses in your class rosters on Quick Key, you can have grades emailed to students.

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