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Mysteries of the Unseen World Shows Students the World In a New Way

mysteriesMysteries of the Unseen World is a free iPad app based on the National Geographic film of the same name. In the free iPad app students see common, everyday objects under an electron microscope. The app contains three types of games based on the electron microscope images.

The “solve”  games show students an image and a clue as to which object they are seeing. There is a multiple choice “solve” and a cypher “solve.” The multiple choice game is good for beginners. The cypher game is for advanced players. In the cypher game students have to spell the name of what they think they are seeing.

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In the puzzle game students are given the name of an object and then have to assemble the electron microscope picture.

Mysteries of the Unseen World has games and images arranged in four categories. The categories are science, human, nature, and modern.

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