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Quiz Dojo – Create Quizzes from Your PDFs

quizdojo Quiz Dojo is a neat iPad app that allows you to create quizzes by highlighting sections of PDFs on your iPad. You can import PDFs from Dropbox, email, or other apps on your iPad. Once the PDF is imported you can highlight important words and phrases that you want to quiz yourself on later. The quiz is automatically created as you highlight. When you’re done highlighting a fill-in-the-blank quiz is created for you. The blanks are the words and phrases you highlighted.

As you work through quizzes in Quiz Dojo you have the option of getting immediate feedback or waiting until the end to see how you did on the entire quiz.

Quiz Dojo could be a good app for students to use to review notes that they take in class. Students can save their notes as PDFs, import them into Quiz Dojo, and then review.

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Quiz Dojo is available in two versions. The lite version is free, but it has limitations on the number of PDFs and quiz questions that you can use. The full version costs $2.99

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