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A Customizable Halloween eBook

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 9.37.01 AM As I walked through the grocery store the other day I couldn’t help but be reminded by the mounds of candy corn that Halloween isn’t too far away. Halloween eBook by Visuals Work is a simple, customizable Halloween ebook for kids. The short story is about a friendly vampire, monster, and mummy preparing to go trick or treating. Students “find” each one of these as they read the story. To customize the story you can upload students’ pictures so that they appear next to the mummy in the story. Students can read the story on their own or they can tap the text to hear the story read aloud.

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If you visit the Visuals Work website you can grab a PDF of the story. Of course, the PDF can’t be customized but if you don’t have iPads for every student you could use the PDF version of the story in place of the ebook.

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