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Shadow Puppet – A Nice iPad App for Telling Stories

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 8.00.41 AM Shadow Puppet is a nice new iPad app for creating short audio slideshows. It is quite easy to use the app to create and share your stories. To get started just select a set of pictures from your iPad’s camera roll or take a collection of new pictures with your iPad’s camera. Next arrange your pictures into sequence. After putting your pictures into order you simply tap the record button and talk about each picture for as long as you like. While you are talking you can zoom-in and or re-center your pictures to call attention to an important aspect of your pictures.

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To share your Shadow Puppet creations you do have to have an email account (the Gmail+1 trick is a good work around for this if you have kids under 13). Your Shadow Puppet creations can be emailed to others and or shared on Twitter and Facebook. To get the embed code for a Shadow Puppet presentation you have to open the email and view the presentation online.

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