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School Writing – An iPad App for Customized Handwriting Lessons

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 8.45.55 AM School Writing is an iPad app that teachers and parents can use to create customized handwriting lessons. Like other iPad apps designed to teach handwriting, School Writing has number, letter, and word tracing activities. What makes School Writing different from other apps like it is number of ways in which teachers and parents can customize the app.

On School Writing teachers can record their own voices with instructions for students. Recordings can be made for every letter of the alphabet, every word in the app, and all of the numbers in the app. Additionally, teachers can upload custom backgrounds to match each letter. For example, a teacher can upload a picture of a turkey to match the letter “T.” Teachers can create multiple student profiles on the app. The video below provides a short overview of how to create a lesson on School Writing.

If you choose not to customize the app, there is still plenty for students to benefit from using. Students can tap the sound icons and picture icons at any time to get support for the pre-made lessons in School Writing.

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School Writing was developed by an Australian firm. I was concerned that the letter “Z” would be pronounced “zed,” but when I tried it the app had recognized my U.S. location and “Z” was pronounced “zee.” My only complaint about the app is that “practice” is spelled “practise” regardless of your location. The app costs $4.99. The cost is lower through the volume purchasing program.

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