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The Human Body – An Anatomy App for Kids

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 8.29.56 AM The Human Body by Tinybop is an iPad app designed to help elementary and middle school students learn human anatomy. The app features interactive diagrams of the major systems of the human body. A few of the things that students can see on the app are how lungs breathe, the heart beats, and the ears hear. One of the features that I liked is that through the app students will also see how the feeling of a touch of the hand is received in the brain. Students can turn layers and labels on and off throughout the app.

Tinybop offers a free PDF handbook to go along with The Human Body app. The handbook provides more information about the things featured in the app as well as activity and discussion prompts for teachers.

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The Human Body App provides an option for parents to create accounts to monitor how their children use the app. Parents can authorize an in-app purchase to add kidneys, bladders and genitals to the app (by default that information is not enabled).

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