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StrataLogica Does What I Wish Google Earth for iPad Could Do

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 8.35.22 AM StrataLogica is a free iPad app that social studies teachers will love. The app provides a satellite view and a map view of a 3D globe. Students can manipulate the globe to zoom-in, zoom-out, and spin the world. Those are all things that can be done with Google Earth for iPad too. It’s after that that StrataLogica starts to shine.

StrataLogica provides basic layers of information about each country on the globe. Students simply tap the country to view a pop-up window of facts. Students and teachers can create custom placemarkers through StrataLogica. The placemarkers can include text, pictures, and videos. These are things that you can do with Google Earth on a desktop, but you can’t do with Google Earth on an iPad.


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