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Try Infuse Learning for Gathering Feedback from Students

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 9.46.25 PM Infuse Learning is a free student response system that works with any Internet-connected device including iPads and Android tablets. One of the aspects of Infuse Learning that you may find useful from a classroom management standpoint is the option to take attendance through the service. When you register for Infuse Learning you can create individual class codes to distribute to your students. When students sign into the class using the class code their names appear in your administrative panel.

Infuse Learning allows you to distribute questions, prompts, and quizzes out to your students’ devices in private virtual classrooms. In an Infuse Learning room you can give students a wide variety of formats in which to response to a question or prompt. Students can reply to prompts and questions in standard multiple choice, true/false, and short answer formats. Probably the coolest feature of Infuse Learning is the option for students to reply to prompts by creating drawings or diagrams on their iPads, Android tablets, or on their laptops.

Infuse Learning offers a couple of helpful accessibility options including support for multiple languages. You can choose to enable translation for questions, prompts, and answer choices that students see on their devices. Another accessibility feature is audio narration for questions, prompts, and answer choices. To hear the audio students simply click on the audio button when viewing a question. Your questions and prompts can include pictures.

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