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BigMind – An Intuitive Mind Mapping iPad App

bigmind I’m a big fan of mind mapping as a method for organizing thoughts, connecting concepts, and visualizing the big picture of concept. In fact, I think the mind mapping process is so valuable that I created an entire workshop about it. One of the mind mapping iPad apps that I often recommend is Popplet. Recently, I tried BigMind and I think that it could challenge Popplet in popularity.

BigMind allows to create mind maps by using one of their eight templates or by creating a mind map from scratch. Whether you work from a template or start with a blank canvas, the features of BigMind are the same. To add a bubble to your mind map just tap the screen. Each bubble can include text and pictures. Double tap on a bubble to open the menu for inserting pictures. While you have that menu open you can also change the colors and borders of a bubble in your mind map. Adding related (child and sibling) bubbles is just a matter of tapping the up, down, or side arrows next to each of the bubbles in your mind map.

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All of your BigMind mind maps can be password protected. BigMind mind maps can be saved to Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox. BigMind mind maps can also be saved as images on your iPad.

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BigMind is currently listed at $4.99.

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