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Storytelling Fun With Foldify for iPad

foldify Foldify is an iPad app that students can use to design all kinds of 3D figures on their iPads. After designing their figures students can print their designs with directions for folding their designs into 3D paper objects. Foldify provides basic templates for objects like cars, houses, and people. Students complete the templates by coloring them in, adding their own pictures to the templates, and adding fun digital stamps to the templates.

I first learned about Foldify from a student who used it to create a bunch of characters and buildings that he then used in a video that he made. In his video he and other students provided the voices for each character.

Foldify is not a free app. It currently costs $3.99. Contrary to what one of the reviewers of the app posted on the review page, you can email a PDF of a design and print it from any printer.


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