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Popplet – Easy Mind Mapping On Your iPad

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 1.28.36 PM Popplet is an iPad app that I often demonstrate in my workshop on mind mapping, timelines, and collaborative brainstorming. Popplet makes it easy to quickly create a mind map to connect your ideas about a topic. To start a mind map with Popplet you just have to tap the “make new Popplet” button. You will be given a blank page on which you can tap anywhere to add a thought box. Each thought box can contain text, a drawing or sketch, and a picture. Altering the size of a thought box is only a matter of pinching the edges of the box together or spreading them apart. To connect thought boxes just tap the small circle that is next to each box.

Popplet is available in a lite version to try before buying the full version. The full version gives you unlimited projects and space. The full version also allows you to work online to share your mind maps.

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A couple of other mind mapping apps to try on your iPad are Idea Sketch and Inkflow.

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