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Fotobabble – Turn Pictures Into Stories

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 11.28.54 AM Fotobabble is a fun service that I’ve featured in the past on Free Technology for Teachers. The web version of Fotobabble makes it easy to turn pictures into short, narrated stories. The iOS app for Fotobabble does the same. Using Fotoabble is easy, just select an image from your camera roll and start recording your voice. You can comment on your photo, explain what’s happening your photo, or tell a story related to your photo.

The Fotobable iOS app could be a great app for students to use to quickly create short audio stories about pictures that they take with their iPhones and or iPads (the app isn’t optimized for iPad, but it works on it). The app could be used by students to do some “on the spot” reporting during a field trip. Over time your class could build a collection of audio captioned news images by embedding each of their Fotobabble creations on a class blog or wiki.

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