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Create Interactive Flipped Lessons With Knowmia Teach

The Knowmia Teach iPad app is an excellent app for creating your own whiteboard videos. I’ve written about the app and shown it workshops quite a few times over the last year. Recently, Knowmia Teach received a bunch of updates worth noting.

The most significant update is the addition of an assignment wizard (available now in public beta) that teachers can use to build assignments using a combination of video lessons, questions, and slides. Teachers can track students’ performance in real-time. Take a look at this sample chemistry lesson then go here to learn how to start using the assignment wizard.

Knowmia Teach was originally designed just for teachers to use to create lessons. The latest update introduced student use of the free iPad app. Now students can use the free Knowmia Teach iPad app  to create video lessons for their classes and share them securely. The only way that someone can watch a student’s video is to be given the secret link by the student. Students’ videos do not go into a public gallery.

I have found the Knowia Teach app to have far more creation options than the similar Showme and Educreations apps. If you’re considering creating flipped lessons or you want your students to create some explanatory videos of their own, give Knowmia Teach a try.

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