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SonicPics – Turn Photographs Into Narrated Movies

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 9.13.22 AM SonicPics is an iPad app that I learned about just after writing yesterday’s post about the digital storytelling tool 30hands. SonicPics, like 30hands, is an iPad app that allows you to take your pictures and arrange them into narrated slideshows. You do not need to create a SonicPic account in order to use the service.

To create your narrated slideshow just open the SonicPics app and tap the “+” icon or the “new project” label. Title your project then give SonicPics access to your iPad’s camera roll. Select the picture that you want to include in your presentation. After adding your pictures you can record narration for each one of them individually or as a collective set. You can record for up to 60 minutes. Finished projects are available as .m4v files that can be sent your computer, posted on YouTube, or emailed to your friends.


SonicPics costs $2.99 USD. It’s easy to use, provides a lot of recording space, and provides useful output formats. If you’ve felt constrained by similar free apps then SonicPics might be for you.

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