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Easy Studio – Create Animated Videos On Your iPad

Easy Studio is an iPad app that children can use to create animated videos. The process of creating a video on Easy Studio is a drag and drop process. To create a video a child drags shapes and characters into place on a scene. The process is repeated to create each new scene in the […]

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Online Safety With Professor Garfield

Professor Garfield is a free resource developed in part by the Virginia Department of Education. Professor Garfield teaches students how to be safe online, how to recognize and respond to cyberbullying, and how to decide if something is a fact or an opinion. These educational activities can be done online or on free Professor Garfield […]

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Learn About Science With Bill Nye on the Bill Nye iPad App

Kids love learning about science with Bill Nye The Science Guy. Now they can learn about science with Bill Nye on his iPad app. The Bill Nye The Science Guy ┬áiPad app is a free iPad app on which students can watch Bill Nye videos, play games, and discover kitchen table science experiments to do […]

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360 Cities for iPad – View, Capture, Share 360 Degree Imagery

360 Cities is a site that provides extremely clear panoramic imagery of places around the world. The service has been available online and as a Google Earth layer for years. Now the service is available as an iPad and iPhone app too. The panoramic imagery of 360 Cities is so clear and transitions so smoothly […]

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Edit & Share for iPad – That’s What It Does

Edit & Share is a free iPad and iPhone app whose name tells you exactly what it’s used for. Edit & Share is a free app for creating and editing collections of images. By using the app you can crop images, alter the colors of images, and add text notes to your images. You can […]

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Fotobabble – Turn Pictures Into Stories

Fotobabble is a fun service that I’ve featured in the past on Free Technology for Teachers. The web version of Fotobabble makes it easy to turn pictures into short, narrated stories. The iOS app for Fotobabble does the same. Using Fotoabble is easy, just select an image from your camera roll and start recording your […]

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An iOS Game to Get Kids to Try Healthy Foods

Chew or Die is a free iOS app that encourages people to try new healthy foods. The free app contains a series of healthy food challenges. The challenges include things like removing bread and potato-based starches with rice, trying a new vegetable, removing meat from your diet for a week, and sneaking more fiber into […]

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Three Ring – Create Digital Portfolios of Your Students’ Work

Three Ring is a fantastic, free service for digitizing and organizing your students’ physical work. With the free app installed on your iPad or iPhone you can take a picture of a student’s assignment and upload it to your Three Ring account. In your Three Ring account you can add note about the assignment for […]

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Hopscotch Helps Kids Learn to Program On Their iPads

Over the weekend I published Three Free iPad Apps That Teach Kids To Program. Since then I’ve had many people tell me to try Hopscotch. Hopscotch is a free iPad app that introduces students to programming logic. In Hopscotch students put command boxes into order to make cartoon avatars move and draw lines. Students can […]

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Discover USA a Free Geography App

Discover USA is a geography iPad app that takes students on a tour of natural and man-made landmarks across the United States. Students are guided by an animated owl that talks to students at each stop on the tour. At each stop students learn a few facts from the owl. Before moving on to the […]

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