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Recordium – Add Visual Notes to Audio Recordings

recordium Recordium is a new iPad and iPhone for creating audio recordings. At first glance the app reminded me Sound Cloud. Like Sound Cloud, Recordium can be used to quickly create a spoken note or to record someone playing an instrument. Recordium can be used to trim the end or beginning of a recording. You can also snip out a middle portion of a recording and save it as a separate recording or trash it. Where Recordium gets interesting is in the annotation features. The app allows you to highlight and tag portions of your recordings. Your tags can even include pictures. Completed recordings can be shared to a number of services including Google Drive and Evernote.

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The Recordium highlighting and tagging tools could be very useful in adding context and meaning to a recording. For example, if I a student was recording a part of a lecture he or she could go back and add a diagram of what the lecturer was talking about. Or if you’re using the service to record reminders for yourself, you can use the note feature to write down when you’ve accomplished the things in your audio reminder. Learn more about Recordium in the video below.

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