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Virtual Frog Dissection on Your iPad

Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 10.37.45 AM Frog Dissection for iPad is an app that is popular with biology teachers. The latest version of the app includes more labels, quizzes, and videos. Of course, the main purpose of the app still remains. That purpose is to provide a virtual environment in which students can dissect a frog just as they would if they had a frog and a scalpel in your classroom. The app provides step-by-step directions for students to follow as they virtually dissect their frogs.


At $3.99 Frog Dissection for iPad is kind of pricey yet still cheaper than a lot of the frog dissection kits on the market. And your students can use the app until they get the dissection right. There’s no do-over with a real frog.

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