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Audubon Owls – Discover the Owls In Your Neighborhood


Audubon Owls is an iPhone app (it will work on iPads too but it’s not optimized for them) that is small, multimedia encyclopedia of North American owls. Through the app you can learn about nineteen types of owls. The app provides maps of the range of each owl. To help you identify owls that you might hear in your part of North America, the app offers audio recordings of each owl’s calls. And as you might expect there are multiple pictures of each owl.


One of the things that I think we often overlook with iPads in education is that they are mobile devices and our students should use them as such instead of just using them in the classroom. If you live in a rural area, have your students try to identify owls in the area by the sound of their calls. Let your students take their iPads or iPhones outside in the evening to play the call of owls to remind themselves of what they’re listening for.

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