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Bitsboard – A Super iPad App for Spelling and Reading Practice

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 7.14.26 PM Bitsboard is a great iPad app for young students that Joanne Villis recommended to me. Bitsboard is a free iPad app that provides word games, memory games, spelling games, and reading practice activities, and dozens of other activities in one place. On the Bitsboard app students can learn new vocabulary words, how to tell time, and how to count money. Students can also use the app to learn basic geography.

When students first open Bitsboard on their iPads they will have six topics shown on their homescreens. Those six topics are emotions, animals, famous places, first sentences, introductory English vocabulary, and introductory Spanish vocabulary. Opening any of those topics takes students to their choice of eight practice activities including flashcards, true or false quizzes, word building practice, reading practice, and matching activities.

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The part of Bitsboard that I like the best is the catalog of topics from which students can pick. Students can pick any topic in the catalog of dozens of topics and have that topic added to their Bitsboard home screens. Then they can learn about those topics by working through eight practice activities. Bitsboard keeps track of the user’s progress through each activity.

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