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The Student Guide to iPads – It’s Great for Teachers Too

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 1.00.06 PM As intuitive as the iPad’s user interface is, there are still some occasions on which students and teachers might get stuck. That’s when a free iBook like The Student Guide to iPads & iOS 6 is good to have. The Student Guide to iPads & iOS 6, written by Jac de Haan, covers all of the basics that students and teachers need to know in order to use their iPads in school. The chapter on “everything Internet” is particularly good because not only does it cover how to use Safari, it introduces readers to other web browsers including Rover which supports flash media. The chapter on productivity will answer all of the common questions about how to email, take notes, and organize iBooks on your iPad.

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H/T to Joanne Villis.

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