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Students Will Enjoy Learning Geography on Geography Drive USA

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 11.06.13 AM Geography Drive USA is an iPad app that elementary and middle school students will enjoy using. The app challenges students to drive their virtual cars to each state in the United States. The students move from state to state by correctly answering questions about each state that they visit. Students earn money for each correct answer. That money is then used to buy fuel for their cars and customize their cars. Students can also win trophies for accomplishments throughout the game. The game has more than 750 questions about state and national geography. Students will find questions about physical and political geography. There are some history questions mixed in too. I started playing Geography Drive USA this morning and had to force myself to put it down to write this post.

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In addition to the main game Geography Drive USA contains four mini-games and a visitor center. The visitor center contains information that students can use to answer questions when they get stuck. In the visitor center students can learn things like state capitals, state flags, state postal abbreviations, and the size of each state. The mini-games in Geography Drive USA ask students about state capitals, shapes, spellings, and flags.

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Geography Drive USA costs $3.99 USD. The app does not have any advertising, doesn’t require student names, email addresses, or passwords. The app doesn’t have any in-app purchases. When you buy the app you buy everything that your students need to enjoy the app to its fullest.

Disclosure: in December 2012 I received a promo code to try Geography Drive USA.

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