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Pic Collage – Quickly Create a Poster on Your iPad

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 8.38.12 AM Pic Collage is a free iPad app for creating collages with your pictures. Pic Collage provides fifteen frames, including a blank layout, for your collage. You can pick from dozens of background colors and patterns to use on your collage. To complete your collage add blocks of text and stickers to it. When you’re done with your project you can save it to your camera roll, share it to your favorite social networks, or email it and print it.

Pic Collage isn’t the fanciest app you’ll try this week, but it is good for what it is intended to do. Students could use Pic Collage to put together simple posters to advertise school events. And your students could use Pic Collage to assemble a simple, visual report about a book or a topic they’ve researched.

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