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Fizzy’s Lunch Lab – A Free iPad App for Learning to Budget

Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 7.56.34 PM Fizzy’s Lunch Lab Fresh Pick is a free iPad app from PBS Kids. The app is based on the popular PBS web series Fizzy’s Lunch Lab. The purpose of the app is to challenge students’ math and problem solving skills. The app contains eight challenges for students to try. Students can go through the challenges in any order that they like. The eight challenges for students are Buying Groceries, Grocery Mapping, Neighborhood Mapping, Pantry Hunt, Fizzy’s Invention, Customer Change, Find Freddy, and Food Matcher.

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Of the eight challenges in Fizzy’s Lunch Lab Fresh Pick there are two that I think have the most potential for classroom use. Those two are Buying Groceries and Customer Change. In Buying Groceries students are given a budget and they have to choose foods that match the budget. Customer Change asks students to make correct change.

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Fizzy’s Lunch Lab Fresh Pick does let students save their places in the game. Three students could use the same installation of the app because there are three slots for naming and saving your game.

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