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Five Free iPad Apps for Creating Video Lessons (AKA Flipped Classroom Lessons)

trampoline-71548_640One of the things that I’m often asked about is creating explanatory videos on the iPad. Whether you want to create these videos for students to watch as part of a “flipped curriculum” or you want students to create the explanatory videos to demonstrate what they know, these apps are good choices for reaching those ends.

The Knowmia Teach iPad app is an excellent app for creating your own whiteboard videos. Some of the highlights of Knowmia Teach app include the option to use your iPad’s camera to record yourself while drawing on the whiteboard. You will appear in the corner of the screen so that your students can see you while you’re talking them through the lesson. The app includes the option to import images and graphics from your iPad to your lessons. You can draw free-hand on the whiteboard screen, type on the whiteboard screen, and insert pre-made shapes and figures. All Knowia Teach lessons can be uploaded to the Knowmia website with just one tap of your iPad’s screen. Students can watch your lessons on the Knowmia website.

Ask3 is a free iPad app from TechSmith. TechSmith is probably best known as being the company that produces Jing and Camtasia screen capture software. Ask3 is a tool that teachers can use to create short instructional videos that are shared directly to their students’ iPads. Students can use Ask3 to ask questions about the video, mark the video with drawing tools, and create their own audio comments about the video. You share Ask3 videos to your students through a virtual workspace. When you register as a teacher you are given a room number to share with your students. Students then open the Ask3 app on their iPads, enter their names, create a password for themselves, and enter the room number that you gave them. Students do not have to have email addresses to use Ask3. Anytime students enter your Ask3 room they can access the videos you’ve posted to the bulletin board in that room.

educreationsEducreations is a free iPad app that turns your iPad into a whiteboard. You can use the app to illustrate concepts and narrate what you’re doing on the screen. You can draw images from scratch on the Educreations iPad app or you can upload images and draw on them. Your completed lesson can be shared directly to others or made public on the Educreations website.

screenchompScreenChomp is a free app for creating and sharing short tutorials or lessons on your iPad. ScreenChomp provides a whiteboard on which you can demonstrate things by drawing and talking people through your instructions. ScreenChomp records your voice as you go. When you finish your recording share it where a shortened URL will be provided for you to share with anyone you like. From you have the option to download recordings as MPEG-4 files.

showmeShowMe was the first whiteboard app that I Show Me is an app for creating and sharing whiteboard-style lessons on your iPad. To support teachers, the Show Me website is building a gallery of lessons developed and shared by teachers. Each day there is a “Show Me of the Day” that is added to the gallery of lessons. Click here to download the app from iTunes.

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3 Responses to “Five Free iPad Apps for Creating Video Lessons (AKA Flipped Classroom Lessons)”

  1. On March 29, 2013 at 1:22 pm Sche responded with... #

    Good choice (do you know my iPad? 😉 but I miss ” Explain Everything” in your list!

    • On March 29, 2013 at 7:55 pm admin responded with... #

      Explain Everything isn’t free. That’s why it’s not in the list of free apps.

  2. On March 30, 2013 at 2:56 am Lesley Cioccarelli responded with... #

    Another vote for Explain Everything – it’s currently my video creation app of choice.