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PBS Parents Play & Learn – An iPad App for Parents and Children to Use Together

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 11.29.08 AM Earlier this month PBS released a new iPad app designed for parents to use with their children. PBS Parents Play & Learn offers thirteen games put into settings that parents and their children are likely to go to together. Some of the settings are a library, a park,  a restaurant, and a grocery store. The games are intended to help children learn to count and spell. Along with each game there is a set of four activities that parents can do with their children in each setting. For example, one of the suggested grocery store activities is to introduce children to the concept of weight and measuring things in the produce section of the grocery store.


PBS Parents Play & Learn is a free iPad app. If was a pre-K or Kindergarten teacher, I would definitely put this app on my list of recommended apps for parents to use at home with their children. The app is available in English and in Spanish.

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