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ShowMe Now Offers the Option to Create Class Groups

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 2.59.34 PMShowMe, a very popular interactive whiteboard video creation iPad app, has added a new feature to the service. ShowMe has always allowed you to share your videos with the community of ShowMe users. Today, they added the option to create a group of ShowMe users with whom you share your videos and they in turn share with you. The groups option lets teachers create groups students with whom they share lessons. This option is a great compromise between making your video lessons public and keeping them private. The only drawback is that it does cost teachers $5/month to create and maintain groups. Students do not pay to be in a teacher’s group.  photo_48_

The ShowMe app itself is still free to use to create as many video lessons as you like. It’s a great app for creating videos for things like explaining how to solve math problems or explaining the structure of a cell.

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