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Even Monsters Get Sick – A Great Interactive Story for Your Child’s iPad

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 11.33.00 AM Even Monsters Get Sick is a cute children’s story that is available in an interactive format for your child’s iPad. The story starts with a child named Harry trading some stickers and gum to his friend Mona for a pet monster. To move the story along your child has to drag the stickers and gum into place to complete the trade. From there children read and or have read to them the story of Harry taking the friendly monster home with him. The monster gets sick and Harry helps him get better. Throughout the story there are interactive elements for children to manipulate. For example, children can help Harry and the monster navigate their way home, make the monster sneeze, and play music on a record player (it occurs to me that you might have to explain to your children what a record player is).

Students can read the story on their own or have the story read to them. If students choose “read on my own” at the beginning it is easy to switch modes. To switch to having the story read to them students simply need to tap the words that they see.

Even Monsters Get Sick is currently a free app.


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