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Dino Store – A Fun, Interactive Story for Your Child’s iPad

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 5.19.29 PM The more time I spend with my iPad the more I am impressed by the possibilities it offers for enhanced storytelling from both a production and from a consumption standpoint. Dino Store is an example of iPads being great tools for enhancing a student’s reading experience. Dino Store is a twenty-three page story about a father and son going to the grocery store and accidentally coming home with dinosaur eggs that hatch at home. On each page of the story children can tap objects to make them change color, make sounds, move the dinosaurs, and discover other fun surprises.


Dino Store is currently available for free. It’s a nice little app for teachers and parents looking for stories to read to their children. Children can also use the app on their own and have the story narrated to them.

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