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Explore the Design Museum On Your iPad

The Design Museum Collection for iPad is a collection of 59 featured objects from London’s Design Museum. The collection includes items that changed the way we work, items that changed the way entire categories of products are designed, and some items that are notable just for being different. As you browse through the collection you […]

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Coach My Video – The iPad App Coaches and Phys Ed Teachers Need

Coach My Video is an iPad app that allows coaches to video their players in action to provide feedback on their movements and techniques. With Coach My Video installed you can record a video of your player(s) in action then as you play the video back you can pause it to annotate the the video […]

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Even Monsters Get Sick – A Great Interactive Story for Your Child’s iPad

Even Monsters Get Sick is a cute children’s story that is available in an interactive format for your child’s iPad. The story starts with a child named Harry trading some stickers and gum to his friend Mona for a pet monster. To move the story along your child has to drag the stickers and gum […]

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The Phrasal Verbs Machine – A Nice App for ELL Students

One of the true challenges for English language learners is understanding the meanings of phrasal verbs. The Phrasal Verbs Machine, developed by Cambridge University, is a free iPad app that aims to help ELL students learn the meanings of phrasal verbs. The Phrasal Verbs Machine provides students with short animations that illustrate the meanings of […]

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Strip Designer – A Great Comic Strip Creation App

Strip Designer is a great comic strip creation tool to add to your students’ iPads. Priced at $2.99 USD it is $2 less than Comic Life and is just as good. Strip Designer provides dozens of comic strip layouts from simple one frame comics to one page layouts in a variety of configurations to multiple […]

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Photography Assignment Generator for iPad and iPhone

Photography Assignment Generator could be a helpful iPad and iPhone app for photography teachers and students or anyone else interested in taking better pictures. The Photography Assignment Generator app provides users with assignments that are designed to help them learn about various elements of photography. The assignments range from using different camera settings like shutter […]

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Words Mine – A Tetris-like Word Game for iPad

Words Mine is a free iPad app that combines elements of Tetris with spelling games. The challenge of Words Mine is to spell words quickly before the screen fills up with blocks. Each block contains one letter. Choose blocks from each column to be sure that one column doesn’t reach the top of the screen […]

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Jumbled Sentences – A Series of Free Writing Apps for iPads

Jumbled Sentences is a series of five free iPad apps designed to help students learn to construct sentences. The apps provide students with drag and drop activities in which they sort jumbled words into sentences. The sound can be turned off and on in each app. When the sound is turned on students can hear […]

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Kids Learn About Galaxies on Kids Discover for iPad

Kids Discover publishes a series of interactive magazines for kids to use on their iPads. The Galaxies issue students learn through text, videos, and images. In the app students can take short quizzes to test their understanding of the materials they’ve seen. In the app students learn about nebulas, black holes, the Milky Way, and […]

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EarthViewer for iPad Takes You Through the History of Earth

EarthViewer is a free iPad app that takes you through 4.5 billion years on Earth. EarthViewer allows you to select eons and eras to view. Within each eon and era you can view tectonic plates, continental drift, and other geological events. You can view major biological events in EarthViewer too. Climate data for the last […]

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