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Use the MasteryConnect iPad App to Quickly Identify Common Core Standards

masteryconnect_001 MasteryConnect has been a supporter of my Free Technology for Teachers blog and this week they became supporters of iPad Apps for School. One of the many things that MasteryConnect offers is a free iPad and iPhone app that helps you quickly identify the Common Core Standards for the grade levels and content areas that you teach. To find the standards simply select math or language arts, choose your grade, then tap on any of the listed standards to read their details. The MasteryConnect iPad app also includes the college and career readiness standards. The app is handy when you need to quickly find language of a particular standard.

MasteryConnect’s online service provides assessment tracking tools for teachers and administrators. The tracking tools allow teachers and administrators to quickly see the progress that their students are making toward meeting a Common Core standard. Parents and students can be given a log-in to track progress too.

The MasteryConnect teacher community provides a place for teachers to develop and share lessons and assessments aligned to Common Core standards. It is free to join and participate in the community.

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