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Book Creator 2.4 for iPad Allows You To Combine Books

book_creator Earlier this month I wrote a glowing review of the Book Creator iPad app. Book Creator allows you to create narrated books on your iPad. Today, Book Creator 2.4 was released with some nice new tools.

The latest version of Book Creator allows you to combine books that you have created using the app. In fact, you can even combine books from multiple iPads. What this means is that you could have students work on the creation of a book together from separate iPads. Have each student work on a chapter then combine all of the chapters into one book. Click here for complete directions on combining books.

With the latest update to Book Creator you can now include hyperlinks in your books, style individual words in your books, and import books. But to me the most exciting option is the option to combine books. To use the latest updates you will need to be using iOS 6.

If you haven’t seen Book Creator before, watch the short video below for an introduction to it.

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