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Doodlecast for Kids Offers an Easy Way to Create Video Stories

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 3.17.47 PMDoodlecast for Kids is an iPad app that allows students to create short whiteboard videos. Students can create short videos by drawing on a blank whiteboard. Students can record their voices as they draw on the whiteboard. Students who are struggling to start their stories can use one of the twenty-three story prompts offered by Doodlecast for Kids. A student’s video can be up to three minutes long. Videos can be saved to a student’s iPad’s camera roll and or uploaded to YouTube.


To create a video on Doodlecast for Kids start by selecting either the blank whiteboard or one of the twenty-three story prompts. After choosing a prompt or blank template tap the “record” button in the bottom-left corner of the screen. The button will turn red when recording is activated. Recording can be paused and resumed at any time. The drawing tools allow students to change ink colors, pen stroke size, and erase anything that they want to remove from their drawings.


Doodlecast for Kids costs $2.99 USD. Watch a video demonstration of the app below.

Thanks to Jen Deyenberg for the app recommendation.

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