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MeeGenius Puts Great Children’s Stories on iPads

Screen Shot 2012-12-23 at 8.51.52 AMMeeGenius is an app that I’ve written about on my other blogs because in addition to being an iPad app it is also available as a Chrome app and as an Android app. MeeGenius offers a large collection of children’s stories that children can read to themselves or have read to them by the MeeGenius narrator. When the narration is activated (the default setting) each word in the story is highlighted as it is read aloud.



MeeGenius provides a nice way for students to experience some nice short stories and practice reading at the same time. The MeeGenius app is free but most of the books in the MeeGenius catalog are not free. MeeGenius is offering a free school and library subscription program but it’s not clear how many ebooks are included in that free subscription.


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