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Maily for iPad Gives Students a Safe Place to Learn to Email

maily Maily is a free iPad app that provides young children with a safe and fun way to send emails to parents and selected family members. To use Maily parents have to create accounts for their children. Parents select and add contacts for their children. After the account is created children can then send and receive emails only from the people that their parents have added to their children’s contacts list.


The user interface that children see in Maily is very kid-friendly. Using Maily children can draw pictures, use templates to create emails, and or upload pictures to send. To send an email children click the send button and the select the image of the person to they want to receive their messages.

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Maily could be great for introducing young children to email in a safe environment. You could have your students use the Maily app to have students send weekly emails to their parents about what they did in your classroom each week.

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