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Free Speech – An Augmentative and Assistive App

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 7.04.10 PMThe Give Speech Foundation’s Free Speech iPad app is designed to assist students who have Autism and other speech and communication impairments. The Free Speech app provides a set of images and icons representing common household objects and activities.When a student clicks on an icon the word or phrase is read aloud.

The default categories of icons on the Free Speech app are activities, self-care, grocery store, clothing, descriptors, emotions, and body. You can add more categories and icons to the app by taking pictures with your iPad and labeling them. You can also add more categories and icons to the app by uploading them from albums on your iPad.


The first time that you use the Free Speech app it asks you to fill in a bunch of information about yourself and your student(s). Some people may be turned off by all of the information that they ask for. I was able to use the app by only entering my name and email address making those other questions optional. The app does require iOS 6.0.

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