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Put Shakespeare on Your iPad

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 5.16.21 PM Whether we loved it or we hated it, reading Shakespeare was something that most of us had to do in school. Today’s students read Shakespeare’s works too.  When we read Shakespeare we had to carry a physical book around. Today’s students can read Shakespeare’s works on their iPads through Shakespeare by Readdle which puts Shakespeare’s famous and lesser-known works on their iPads.

Shakespeare by Readdle includes all of Shakespeare’s published works. The app includes a search function to find specific phrases written by Shakespeare. Users can customize the app to adjust the color scheme, font style, and font size. The app also includes a scene breakdown or summary for each of the plays on the app.


The pro version of Shakespeare by Readdle ($9.99 USD) includes an integrated glossary, a random Shakespeare quote generator, a Shakespeare facts database, and Shakespeare portraits. But if just getting Shakespeare’s works onto your students’ iPads is what you want, the free version of the app is more than adequate.


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