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Pango – Interactive iPad Stories and Games for Kids

pango_1Studio Pango produces a bunch of iPad apps that children (pre-K through grade 2) are sure to love. Some of the apps are free and some of the apps require purchase. To get a sense of what the paid apps offer, try the free apps first. This morning I tried two of the free apps. I tried Pango Book 1 and Pango Playground for Kids.

Pango Book 1 is an interactive story in which children help Pango ( little racoon-like character) take a bath, repair his house, play hide and seek, pick apples, and find hidden objects. When Pango takes a bath students scrub him with soap, rinse him off, and gather his bath toys for him. When Pango plays Hide and Seek students help him look behind and under objects. Students help Pango around the house by sawing boards, painting them, then nailing them together to build a birdhouse.




In Pango Playground for Kids children arrange objects in a little virtual town. Kids can find hidden objects, make trains and cars move, and slide down slides. Pango Playground for Kids has one free level. Accessing the other levels requires purchasing the full app.

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