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Use the Gooru iPad App to Find Good Educational Videos and More

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 12.00.29 PM Gooru is a free service that launched earlier this year with the goal of organizing educational videos and other resources according to subject and grade level. Over the weekend Gooru launched a free iPad for that purpose too. The app is called Gooru Collections.

Gooru Collections is designed for students in grades five through twelve. Through the app students can find collections of resources for studying and learning about mathematics and science. To find some resources select science or math then choose a subject within either of those categories. Before you open a collection of resources you can preview the material to see if it contains videos, text, or links to websites. Watch a tour of Gooru Collections in the video below.

Gooru Collections is completely free to use. There are not any in-app purchases and you can use it without registering on Gooru. That said, registering on Gooru will open up extra benefits like the option to organize a shelf of your favorite resources.


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