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Vocabulary & Spelling City for iPad

Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 10.00.03 AM Vocabulary and Spelling City has been available on the web for years. It’s a great place for students to go to learn and practice spelling new vocabulary words. This year they launched an iPad and iPhone app. The free app grants students access to the same vocabulary lists that they use on the SpellingCity website. SpellingCity’s list of words for students currently exceeds 42,000.

The Spelling and Vocabulary City app offers eight free practice activities. I am particularly fond of the Missing Letter and Audio Word Match activities. In Missing Letter students have to identify the letter that is missing in order to correctly spell the words that they see. Audio Word Match is a memory game in which students flip over cards, hear the words on the cards read aloud, then try to match the cards.


Students and teachers who register for accounts on Spelling City can create custom word lists (Note, new lists have to be made online. Through the app you can only access existing lists). If you don’t register you can simply choose from the many suggested word lists created by Spelling City. Teachers who register for premium accounts have access to reports on how their students are doing with the word lists they’ve created for their students.


The Spelling and Vocabulary City app is free to download and is appropriate for elementary and middle school students. And in the interest of full disclosure I must tell you that Spelling City advertises on my other blog Free Technology for Teachers.

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